Baby No.1 vs Baby No. 2

That feeling you get when you realise that this baby stage certainly won’t last forever when you try amongst the chaos to cherish every moment.

That’s how I felt after having my second baby, my boys are nearly 4 years apart so even though my eldest still needed his mommy his true independence had been shining through for quite some time.
So upon the arrival of his baby brother I was quickly reminded of that feeling of being needed 24/7, even more so with two of course. However this time I seemed to take it in my stride more and my family agreed. I was much more relaxed and laid back not only that, more willing to take on advice and to just enjoy it more.

I think, well I know it’s all because as far as plans go… this is our last baby, the last of the tiny white baby grows and little snug hats. I almost instantly missed being pregnant and sad that I would never again announce our exciting news to friends and family. But tried my hardest to concentrate on all the things that I knew we’re yet to come, first smiles, tastes, steps and words.

Now hats off to all of your mommies out there that are juggling more than two because two is hard work! Like really hard at times, one is quiet the other needs you, you sit down and as soon as your bottom touches the seat your up again to attend to more tears or requests. You try and do something ‘nice’ and it ends up in tears and tantrums. Because your all sleep deprived and yearning for attention. Simple tasks become uphill challenges but I can honestly say they get easier or at least the challenges change haha.

Like you become a bit of a pro at the school run – But a badly timed feed can throw a spanner in the works but who’s really counting right? I guess I’m trying to adopt a more of a if we are having more laughs than tears attitude then we’re doing ok.

Also with baby no.2 I worry about him a lot less, like a normal amount of ‘mom worry’ -which I suppose is still a lot! Now of course I love my boys both the same, they are my world. But I’m afraid to say the first born was very much a Guinea pig when it came to most things let’s face it no one really know what their doing as first time parents- or I’m yet to meet any that will tell you otherwise. But with my second I’d ticked some major first boxes obviously no two children are the same but I’m talking about first nappy changes, how do you wind a newborn? What does the baby bag need to ALWAYS contain etc…. So maybe that’s why I’m more laid back this time. Is that normal with your second baby?

Now this time there was a very special relationship born along with my second son and that was a brotherly one. They love each other so much already and my eldest can’t wait for his baby brother to ‘play figures’ but I’m also not naive enough to think that there wont be arguments, sibling rivalry and me having to repeat myself a lot! But that isn’t hopefully for a little while yet so for now I’m going to enjoy the baby stage and thank my eldest for all those firsts we shared together.

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