Things I would tell my pre-mommy self…

  • Girl if you think your tired now after a busy week at work, your not! Like you are a tad on the tired side but not newborn baby tired or working mommy tired or running around after two under 5’s tired. So please don’t complain..
  • and on the subject of tired please enjoy those long weekend lie ins because kids are your own personal alarm clocks and they tend to go off at 5.30am so lie ins are a thing of the past.
  • When someone asks you to go visit some place or watch that new film say YES ! Yes please! – Now this task is obviously not impossible with children, of course not, but it can be a ‘little’ more difficult there is childcare to think of etc and then when you are ‘out’ all you want to do is talk about the kids and rush back to see their little faces.
  • Savour those hot steaming cups of tea (and plates of your favourite food for that matter) because they are definitely few and far between as a mommy.
  • Enjoy your clutter free home because soon it will become filled with toys of every variety the big, the small, the free stuff you get from kids magazines that doesn’t really have a home but you have to keep it anyway! They will consume every room in your house and those long soaks in the bath will become a shared place for you and the newest super hero figure…

And those things I would tell my pregnant self….

  • True love at first sight really does exist, the overwhelming feeling of love you experience as they place your newborn in to your arms, is a powerful force and unbreakable bond.
  • Listening to the birth stories of friends and families is great (if albeit somewhat terrifying at times.) But every woman is different and that means every birth experience is different. (something which I now realise after the birth of my second son.)
  • Your body will never be the same, even if everyone tells you they can’t tell the difference… You will notice, but that’s okay because it’s just done an amazing thing! grown a human, your tiny human and carried that person for nine months and brought it into the world so don’t be so hard on yourself and embrace it.
  • You will cry a lot! And some of the time… Okay most of the time for no good reason…
  • You will also worry a lot, probably the main reason for crying… but that’s normal too it’s your motherly instinct, we are suppose to worry about our babies because they are our babies.
  • And most importantly don’t be so hard on yourself, you aren’t meant to have all the answers, all of the time, yes they are your children but you are only one woman.
  • So take advice when you need it, trust on your instincts and hold your tiny humans tight. 😊

What would you tell your pre mommy self??

6 thoughts on “Things I would tell my pre-mommy self…

  1. I’d tell my pre mommy self ( and it was a long time ago so I’m struggling here) that my baby cannot be cuddles enough, that I won’t spoil them by cuddling them too much and that I really do know my baby better than others.

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