Our Small Adventures so far…

In this post I thought I’d share some of our favourite small adventures so far… As the name suggests we get up to ‘normal’ family adventures within this big world. Some are super easy and cheap! Some we needed to ‘save some pennies’ for but each adventure is most importantly fun and done together!

*Without a doubt our favourite thing to do as a family is to get out of the house! Exploring the local ‘countryside’ as my eldest would say. We love to find new trails, walks and places for him to ride his bike and burn off all that energy, that little boys tend to have by the bucketload and if something is practically free it tends to be even better! However Mommy and Daddy tend to make sure there is somewhere nice for a drink and an ice cream too 🙂 and in the summer when or should I say ‘if’ the sun decides to make an appearance we love to take a picnic too.

*If we’re not in the ‘countryside’ then we’re at a local park, somewhere we can’t visit without a football! This is probably one of my sons favourite things to do with his Daddy, exploring the park and practicing those football skills. Daddy is a all consuming football kind of guy and that trait has definitely filtered down to our eldest and I’m sure his little brother will be no different and soon be chasing him and the football round too.

*Some of our adventures only happen once a year, but a firm favourite and what is fast becoming a family tradition is a trip to the farm at Halloween to pick our own pumpkins! Our local farm also does tractor rides and has a hay bay castle too. When you go to a place just once a year it makes you realise how much has changed and how much they have grown in just twelve months! That once mammoth hay bale castle that they struggled to climb without help is quickly conquered and celebrated once they reach the top.

*Other places we like to visit once or twice a year is our nearest seaside town, where we pack up the car with buckets and spades ( I’m joking of course we forget to pack the bucket and spade and end up buying another one there) but we do cram the picnic box with sandwiches and goodies and head off for the day. A day at the seaside is as expensive as you make it, again we take our own food and when your under 5, the 2p machines, an ice cream and a donkey ride are still firm favourites and of course we love the sand and searching for shells to bring home.

*However some of our best adventures take place in the comfort of our home including getting rather messy in the kitchen! Now i am by no means a star baker not even close and in all honesty I’m a complete novice but every now and again, when it’s pouring with rain and all you want is a cosy afternoon at home, me and my boy make some simple sweet treats together. He enjoys helping to weigh and mix the ingredients but most importantly he loves the end product… Eating the goodies of course!

*Other things we enjoy getting up to is snuggling up with a large bowl of popcorn and watching a family film together, something we haven’t been able to do quite so often lately, since the little man was born, but as he gets older I’m sure he will fall in love with a feel good Disney film too.

*Some of the more expensive adventures we have had in the last few years include a trip to Peppa Pig world – a must for all Peppa fans! We loved the theme park, as most of the other rides within Paulton’s Park (the theme park which houses Peppa Pig World) were appropriate for little ones and this meant we took full advantage of the 241 day pass. We are also partial to a cheeky day out at Thomas Land, the zoo is an added bonus and the themed rides are great. It just the right size for his little legs too and of course we took a picnic!

*But by far our biggest adventure yet is our trip to Disneyland Paris last year. I know every parent says it but the look on his face was one I’ll remember for a long time… We visited when I was in my first trimester with our second son, so couldn’t access all the rides but as I said his face was enough for me. We can’t wait to visit again when the little man is older I’m already planning their matching outfits!!…

*Well those were some of our favourite adventures but everyday is one when you have small humans by your side, I can’t wait to have more small adventures and share them all with you.

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