Let’s talk Disney!

Okay so let’s talk Disney…..

We visited Disneyland Paris this time last year, it has been our biggest adventure yet and here is our story…

Last February half term was ‘The season of the force’ (Which meant anything and everything Star Wars themed, as well as big Disney fans we are also big Star Wars fans too- influenced mainly by Daddy!

I’ve chosen to write mainly about little tips that I found useful and the things we enjoyed the most. As I know I could go on forever…. So with that in mind I’ve tried to be concise along with hopefully giving you a sense of just how great Disneyland is!

When we visited: February 2018

It was cold, well if I’m being honest it was freezing! So if you too are planning on visiting in the winter months I’d definitely investing in some thermals, thick waterproof coats and walking shoes. One day we walked over 20,000 steps!!!

How did we get there: Eurostar from Ashford Station

The station departures lounge itself was Disney themed, a lovely way to get you in the Disney spirit.

Travel tip: Disney express

We paid a little extra for this and I’m glad we did, I will admit it was a lot easier and ran more smoothly on the way to Paris but was still handy on the way back home too. Basically you tag up your luggage and give it to Eurostar staff at the Disney express ‘check in’ they take it off you and load it onto the train, from there they provide you with your hotel documents and park tickets, your luggage is then delivered to your hotel ready for when you arrive.(We found this very useful as it saved us the hassle of lumping big heavy bags whilst also trying to organise an excited 3 year old and buggy on the platform and onto the train. This also meant that you could go straight to the parks, no need to check straight in first. They offer the same service on the way back just in reverse hotel to train station.

Do your research:

I had researched ALOT before we travelled about almost everything and I’m glad I did there are lots of Facebook groups that give helpful hints and tips, from meal vouchers to meet and greets to secret hidden places around the Park.

Disney tip:

Download the Disneyland Paris app. The app showed a map of the whole park, all the rides, wait times, character meets, places to eat and most importantly when travelling with small children the nearest toilets!!

Meal plan tip:

Initially this confused me no end… but I did a little research online and Facebook and was glad we made the choice to go with the ‘half board meal plan’, which included an all you can eat breakfast buffet at our hotel (we stayed at the Cheyenne hotel the toy story/western themed one) and another meal at selected Disney restaurants both at neighbouring Disney hotels and within the parks again all you can eat. We found that this saved us ££££’s. We made sure we filled up at breakfast and then a snack for lunch and a buffet style restaurant for tea.

Snacks, snacks, snacks!!

We took plenty of snacks mostly for when we were out and about in the parks, waiting in queues with a hangry child (is there anything worse!?) and for when we had some downtime in the hotel room. I would also recommend taking refillable drinks bottles because every little penny saved helps and you’ll need them with all the walking.

Travel tip for small children:

Our son was nearly 3 1/2 when we visited and hardly used the pushchair at home but there is no way he would of done without it around the parks. So if you have an under 5 I would highly recommend taking one some people even buy a cheap one and leave it at the hotel to save the hassle of bringing it home. There were buggy parks too as you couldn’t always queue with them.

Travel tip:

There was a free and regular shuttle bus to and from the parks, again you had to queue and the park wasn’t too far and I can imagine in the summer months it’s a pleasant walk but we did a lot of walking so took full advantage of the shuttle.

Meet and greet tip:

Because we stayed at a Disneyland Paris hotel after breakfast each morning there was a character meet and greet in the hotel lobby. Which was a nice way to start the day and the queue wasn’t as long as in the parks plus it was warm in the hotel lobby, hehe!

The top ten things we enjoyed the most (in no particular order)

~Character meet and greets- great photo opportunity with the little ones and make sure they pick up a autograph book too for the character to sign.

~The Disneyland nighttime firework display of course! It was like nothing I have ever seen before. (Ours was the 25th anniversary special)

~The Star Tours ride and gift shop (where you can build your very own personalised lightsaber!)

~Stunt car live show in ‘Walt Disney Studios’ we were lucky enough to have Lightening McQueen feature in the show we attended, my boys absolute fave ) it’s very interactive too.

~ The ‘Season of the Force’ fireworks and light show. At ‘Walt Disney Studios’

~ A Disney hot chocolate, ice cream or sweet treat from one of the cute cafes on Main Street. Along with a deserted Main Street pic if your lucky enough!

~The cave underneath the Magical Kingdom castle where a secret dragon lies in wait.

~ Toy land with Toy Story themed rides and attractions.

~ The parade! Great way to see lots of characters and the atmosphere was amazing.

There are many, many more I could chose but the number one top thing for me and Daddy was the look on his face, I know every parent will say this but the ore and amazement when he met his favourite characters and the thrill of being surrounded by all things Star Wars and Disney was just magical to see.

So there it is a short(ish) review of our Disneyland Paris highlights and tips.

I hope you found some of this useful and if you were already a Disneyland Paris visitor I hope some of our best experiences matched yours…


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