What Motherhood has taught me…

Our journey

The answer to this is A LOT! Too many things to mention but these are the things that are most important to me…..

Firstly and most obviously it has taught me to love unconditionally, I felt love for both my boys before they were even born, but that didn’t stop me worrying whether I’d love them enough? Whether we’d bond like I thought we should? But I’m four and half years into motherhood now and I can honestly say these boys have given me the power to love like I never thought possible. It’s a fierce type of love, one that can not be broken and as our family has grown, so too has my love for them both. A second child brought more questions about ‘love’ do I have enough? Will this baby feel like it did with my first born? I now know regardless of whether it’s your 1st or 10th baby you love them all the same and your love just grows.

To appreciate the little things..

As my name suggests we live in this big world but these are ‘our’ small adventures, each giggle, milestone reached or moment spent together (however glorious or testing they may be) they are our moments but they will most definitely not last forever and I appreciate the times they play together or when my eldest finds a new way to make his brother giggle with glee. When a new skill is learnt, or a cuddle is given just because it is. It most certainly is not about the ‘things’ you have but the time you spend together.

Fun at the Fair!

Who I am meant to be…

Growing up I was never that kid who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up, but as I entered adulthood as a young woman, I knew one thing for certain and that was wanting to be a mother. The title ‘mother’ involves lots of unique roles and a job that definitely requires many hats. Now of course not all of them are my favourite hats to wear but I’m lucky enough to be able to wear them all, at one time or another. I’m learning now after 4 years into my motherhood journey that I might not be an expert at all these, quite frankly demanding roles but that’s okay because there’s no such thing as ‘the perfect mother’ or ‘the perfect journey’ because everyone’s story is their own and there’s nothing that brings me greater joy than watching my boys grow and learn, as we go through each stage together.

Big brother love

To appreciate ‘Me time’

As much as I love my babies, they are surprisingly not angels 24/7 and occasionally a break from each other is as good for me as it is for them. So if there’s one big thing motherhood has taught me so far that is to definitely appreciate some me time, now this doesn’t happen very often and I’m rarely on my own in the house at all (which I love by the way, because if I was for more than an hour or two I don’t think I’d know, what it was that I was suppose to do exactly?!?) but when I do get the odd hour I make sure I spend it wisely, with a bath, a hot drink and favourite tv programme or just that job I keep putting off. We all need time to re charge our batteries and re fuel ready for the next instalment of life with little ones, something I couldn’t grasp before I became a mother. I thought I had hardly any free time and would never get round to those ‘things’ I need to do but when you become a parent you realise just how much time you really had.

How strong I am…

This one is a hard one because I’m not very good at taking compliments especially ones said by myself but I am a strong woman, if childbirth hasn’t taught me that then nothing will! Our bodies are amazing to grow, carry and then give birth to a tiny human is beyond a miracle to me. Now every woman’s birth story is different and unique to her but at the end, when we cross that finish line, we all become mothers no matter how the story plays out. (Normally the complete opposite to how you thought it would too) But being someone’s Mommy requires a lot of strength, it’s providing for someone else, wanting to give your best, learning to become completely selfless and facing a new day each morning even when it’s been a long and hard one the day before, we somehow always make it to bedtime.

Lastly motherhood has taught me that time is short.

A cliche I know but if there one thing in this world that will keep you busy it’s the tiny people in it. The hours race by and the days do much the same. One minute your bringing home your newborn baby and your house is filled with cards and gifts congratulating you on your new arrival… Blink… And those cards up on the mantle piece read Happy 4th birthday and you realise they are not your tiny babies anymore but little people with their own opinions (don’t I know it!) and even bigger personalities!

What has motherhood taught you? Its such a special journey in our lives and we often dont have time to stop and reflect on how much has changed and how much we have all grown.

Amy X

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