‘Sibling’ it’s a special word for most of us and although it may not be a new one for Mommy and Daddy, as we each have sisters who we have grown up with, it is certainly a new word and role that has been taken on by our eldest.

Brotherly love at its finest

What does it mean to be a sibling? Every sibling relationship will differ that’s for sure and mean something different to everyone. But for most it will be your first friend as a child, your best friend for life for others. Your role model, teacher and partner in crime as well as someone to make mischief with as you grow together.

When we announced to our eldest that Mommy was going to have a baby and that will mean you will become a big brother… I was nervous about what his reaction would be, would he be bothered, protective or instantly jealous. Well I’m glad to say he was full of questions and excitement.

Being pregnant can feel like forever for adults and certainly for the Mommy to be, but for a small child it can feel like a lifetime, so as the months pasted the question of ‘When will baby be here?’ Was definitely the one most frequently asked.

We decided second time around we would find out the sex of the baby, mainly because big brother was adamant he wanted a baby brother, so to prepare him and us we found out and had a reveal party too (any excuse for party food and a get together hehe.) I know he would have loved his younger sibling no matter if they were a boy or girl but the idea of a baby growing in your Mommies tummy is hard enough, so we agreed that this way at least he would have something tangible to hopefully relate to. It’s safe to say he was over the moon when he saw the blue confetti pop out of the balloon at the reveal party, there was squeals of delight from him and family members. And I had a sudden rush of ‘me and my boys’ feeling enter my head and shower over me.

And after waiting the long 9 months, (which is closer to 10 may I add) baby brother arrived, very early in the morning safe and sound at hospital and later that day he got to meet his baby brother for the first time.

I’ll never forget that timid little face of his, as he approached the hospital cot and how he looked to us both for reassurance, that it was okay to stroke the babies head. I still wonder now what was he thinking in that moment, but when you ask him what his initial first thoughts were as he peered at the tiny baby, he just simply says ‘That I love him’ which of course makes us all melt inside.

But I know one thing for sure the day we had our second child, was not only the day that he was born, but the start of something new and special all on its own. The beginning of their relationship, as brothers, the birth of their ‘brotherhood’ that is just wonderful to watch each day.

The weeks and months that followed were ‘busy’ for sure, but big brother coped well, we always thought he might show signs of jealously at first (he was the first grandchild in the family, as well as our first born) I mean his tiny world had turned upside down and now there was someone else to share everyone and everything else with. But instead he was very protective, eager to show all his friends, family and just about everyone we met … ‘look he’s awake’… ‘Have your seen my brother’

And now nearly 8 months on he’s still very much the same. Now baby is becoming more mobile it has brought its own challenges though, as 4 year old toys aren’t really suitable for little ones even though all he wants to do is get involved constantly. But they love to play all sorts together peek-a-boo is a firm favourite on both parts, as he just loves to make his brother giggle.

I’ve read so much about what’s the right age gap, close together, 2,3,4,5 years apart but it’s all about you as a couple, your circumstances and what’s going on with ‘life’ in general. So I’ll admit I thought…is just under 4 years too big but I know now it’s right for us and our family and that’s the most important thing.

As for the future I am eager to see how their relationship will change and grow as they both go through their own special milestones and changes themselves but equally with their brother by their side. It fills my heart with so much pride that I grew and gave birth to these two beautiful boys and that we are so lucky to have them and I can not wait to see all the exciting memories they will make. However I’m not naive enough to believe that there won’t be squabbles, disagreements or crossed words but that’s all part of the journey when you have a sibling right?

How did your eldest cope/deal with the changes that came when their younger sibling was born

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