Paulton Park, home of Peppa Pig World! Review

In this latest blog review I thought I would give you a ‘whistle stop tour’ of our trip to Peppa World this Easter break. We visited as a family of four, with our 7 month old and 4 year old.

The park itself is called Paulton’s park and Peppa Pig World is housed inside. These are our top 11 plus points, that I hope you find useful.

The park run a 241 offer which includes an overnight stay and free entry to the park on the second day. Although the park doesn’t have an on site hotel there are partner hotels nearby and deals are available on the website.

Enterance to Peppa Pig World!

Meet and greet
There are some great character interactions with Peppa and George within the park another fab photo opportunity, as your little ones meet the famous little piggies ๐Ÿ™‚

Music and atmosphere
The atmosphere throughtout Peppa Pig World is just lovely, with music and songs playing, to the amount of detail that has gone into the area, you can visit Peppas house, take a trip on Grandpa pigs miniature locomotive or go for a ride on Georges favourite dinosaur! But again it’s the look on the little ones faces which is what’s it’s all about.

Grandpa Pigs house

Splash park
Although we didn’t get chance to use it this year on account of the weather, there is also a brilliant ‘splash park’ a great way to spend part of your second free entry day!

Helicopter ride ๐Ÿš

Play parks
Throughout the theme park itself there are dedicated areas for free play within playground areas. Again these are themed depending on location.

Soft play indoor
To shelter from ‘the British weather’ or burn off some excess toddler energy there is also a soft play area located inside Peppa Pig World too.

Dinosaurs at Lost Kingdom were fab!

Helpful staff
Every member of staff I encountered or asked a question of was nothing but helpful and polite, which I always find good to know!

Changing facilities clean heated plenty of them. I was very impressed with the changing facilities, you never had to walk too far to find one. They had dedicated rooms just for baby change so no waiting in the queue for the main toilets and an area for feeding inside, there was equipment to heat milk and food and the room itself was fitted with a heater. They were always very clean too which is a massive plus!

Indoor/outdoor seating area for picnics
Unfortunately we visited on a bit of a soggy day this year, previously it was a very sunny Easter break. However both times we visited we never found it difficult to find a table for our picnic. There is a large undercover sheltered area and plenty of picnic tables dotted throughout the park too.

Planning our next stop!

Great toy shop
The gift shop some parents worst nightmare but their main toy shop is a lovely experience all by itself, complete with dinosaur and unicorn.

Thrill rides
My eldest is 4 and a bit of a daredevil and because the park is aimed at under 5’s (but would still be great for older kids too.) He was able to go on 95% of the rides including the ‘thrill rides’ of course accompanied by an adult but you could tell he felt rather grown up.

So to sum up my short but hopefully helpful review of Paulton’s Park, if you have a Peppa pig fan/s, bursting with energy or maybe a little one seeking some extra thrills and spills, it is definitely worth the visit! And I’m sure we will be returning again soon once the newest member of our family has learnt the theme tune ๐ŸŽถ

Amy x

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