Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe (Book review)

Our book review of ‘Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe’

Written by Irish author Elayne Heaney, ‘Riley Rainbow’ explores the world of colour, weather and feelings.

The story first takes us on a journey with Riley and explains how rainbows are formed in fun, simple terms that a child can easily understand.

Riley is a happy, fun loving character along with all of his ‘Weatherville’ friends. Until one day when ‘Riley’ becomes poorly and enters into a world of changing colourful emotions.

This part of the story opened up lots of questions and discussion for us, about times when we have felt different emotions and how we, or someone else made us feel better again.

Talking about feelings…

For Riley, it is his friends who help him to understand these emotions and soon he is back to doing what he does best ‘Rainbowing’ across the sky!

This beautifully told, uplifting story was perfect for my little one aged 4, who is always busy asking lots questions, about the world around him and it really opened up discussion about interesting, sometimes hard to explain emotions too.

The bold, eye-catching colours and friendly characters are just so inviting and it has certainly quickly become a firm bedtime story favourite! He also loved the rhyming elements within the story and I used the book as a prompt for some colourful play with my youngest too.

When I asked my eldest what he really likes about the story he said ‘ I like Riley because he is happy, has lots of colours and he’s bright!’….. ‘And I was happy when he got better because it isn’t nice when your poorly…. Riley’s friends helped him and he’s happy again now…Yay!!!

I would highly recommend ‘Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe’, and thanks again to the author ‘Elayne Heaney’ for kindly gifting us a copy of this lovely book for review.



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