Your first year!

The very beginning of our adventures!

I can not believe I’m sat here writing this post about your first year baby boy!
Wind the clock back 12 months and I was heavily pregnant during the hottest summer ever! And we were all preparing for your arrival, your big brother was starting his own adventure at his Nursery School and Daddy was hoping you would give us enough warning so he wasn’t late to the party!

‘My beautiful baby shower’

Well Daddy got his wish you gave us plenty of warning- a day and half from the initial ‘twinges’ to be exact and then you were here! Our second healthy and beautiful little boy!
And from that moment on we became a family of four, new relationships were instantly formed between you and your big brother and new love grew and grew. Watching you grow and develop so much in just twelve short months has been a privilege, our happy, mischievous, bright little boy.

‘Brotherly love at its finest’

However in the spirit of motherhood honesty the last twelve months has not come without its challenges that’s for sure…
Because growing your family can be tough at times, like in the early days when routines are all over the place, everyone is sleep deprived and yearning for some more attention. Because going from one to two is the hardest (so I’ve been told) and even though I have nothing to compare it to myself, I would have to agree. Because having two little people to look after can be exhausting, more or less all of the time! But once you battle threw the constant sleep deprived state, and your routines begin to settle you can ‘relax’ into this new ‘parent of two’ world.

All the milestones you have hit have been amazing to see, from holding that tiny, delicate head up with all your might, to sitting up all by yourself, walking and babbling all day long, each month has been a new adventure for you and for us. Anyone who knows you can see that you are fiercely independent and know your own mind even at this young age. You have a strong sense of determination that is clear for all to see- mainly because if there is something out of reach that you so desperately ‘need’ you shall find a way to get it! 🙂

‘Be free my wild child’

And of course you are so incredible cute and use this also to your full advantage, all you have to do is flash us that cheeky smile and we cannot resist, you have also most definitely taken after your brother when it comes to performance skills, happy to socialise with people in exchange for a ‘hiya’ or a wave. Your favourite past times definitely include eating, playing with our extensive collection of footballs, looking at books, racing cars, being outside and anything messy. Actually the messier the better!

Chilling at the beach.

So your first year is coming to an end and I know your birthday will be filled with love, giggles and surprises but to me it’s like you’ve always been here, my little side-kick, my pal. I can’t really remember now what it was like before you came along and I can’t wait for more adventures with you and your brother. My boys, our adventures together.

Love always,
Mommy x

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